Wellbeing Podcasts

LGBT+ issues in the workplace

With over 60% of LGBT graduates who were ‘out’ at university going back into the closet when they start work, and employees who feel they can’t disclose using as much as 30% of their mental energy hiding their true identity, this is a vital issue for employers to get right and to keep developing beyond policies and disclosure statistics.

Listen to the CIPD’s podcasts about LGBT+ issues at work—and what you can do about them—below.

Hiding in plain sight: carers in the workplace

One in seven of the UK workforce is juggling work with care responsibilities—a number expected to increase. Caring for another is a massive source of added stress and anxiety. Employers need to understand this issue—and learn how they can help.

Listen to CIPD’s podcast on the impact of caring responsibilities, and what employers can do to ease that impact, below.

Why is it so hard to talk about BAME?

The business and ethical case for diversity is clear and well established and today we’re seeing notable progress on gender. However, research shows that we’re still not seeing the same pace of change in racial equality at work. While one in eight of the working-age population is from a BAME background, this group still only holds one in sixteen of the top management positions.

Listen to the CIPD’s podcast discussing BAME employees, the difficulties in talking about race, and how employers can support and encourage change below.

Creating ethical workplaces

Job design and management practice are the biggest influences on ethical—and unethical—behaviours in the workplace. What can organisations do on a day to day level to enable employees to act in an ethical way?

Listen to the CIPD’s podcast on drivers of ethical behaviour in the workplace—and the reward that good ethics bring—below.

Menopause: The ultimate taboo

Women over the age of 50 are the fastest growing segment of the workforce, and most will go through the menopause transition during their working lives. For every ten women experiencing menopausal symptoms, six say it has a negative impact on their work.

Listen to the CIPD’s podcast on menopause—its impacts, its stigma, and what employers can do to make it easier—below.

Challenging systemic racism at work

While society in general is becoming a little more aware of racism in general, it’s still an issue that affects many—and isn’t spoken about enough. Racism will only be beaten if we all make a commitment to adjust our fundamental culture.

Listen to CIPD’s podcast on how organisations can erase racism from the workplace below.

Managing the wellbeing of remote workers

Before coronavirus struck, mental-ill health was the number one cause of long-term sickness absence among UK workers. Lockdown restrictions have only made this worse. How can managers better respond to the needs of remote workers?

Listen to CIPD’s podcast on managing people’s mental and physical health below.

Neurodiversity: a vital aspect of workplace inclusion

Everyone’s brain works differently. Autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia are alternative thinking styles—and this neurodiversity is an important part of the modern workplace. Neurodiverse people are a huge part of the talent pool.

Listen to the CIPD’s podcast on the importance of a neurodiverse workplace—and how best to use those talents—below.