A problem shared is a problem halved

We are here to for you 24/7/365. 

I have an issue with my husband

“I needed advice on how to regain trust”

I am very anxious when walking into work

“I needed advice on how to cope with work stress”

I just felt really tired and low

“I needed someone to talk to confidentially”

I am a carer and finding it hard

“I needed advice on how to manage my emotions”

I have money problems

“I needed help on how to manage my debts”


I had an issue with my neighbour

“I needed advice on legal matters regarding a conifer tree”

I had a break in

“I needed advice on overcoming my fear”

I had problems with my children

“I needed help on how to support my son who is being bullied”

About the assistance programme 

Telephone Counselling

You can access Structured Telephone Counselling through our service.

  • This involves weekly sessions with the same fully qualified Counsellors.
  • It is convenient as it reduces the need for travel and makes it easier to fit in with work and other commitments.
  • You can call from anywhere providing it is quiet and you are able to talk openly.

Face to Face Counselling

  • Face to face counselling takes place in a private practice or a confidential area.
  • We have over 1,000 counsellors across the UK and ROI so you will never have to travel too far.
  • Within short term solution focused therapy, you and a counsellor will identify problems and work towards a solution, not forgetting how its making you feel.
  • Face to face counselling is available as applicable.

Your Health Assured assistance programme offers guidance and support on a wide range of issues including:

  • Specialist information in regards to legal queries, consumer rights, debt or domestic matters – the counsellor will assess your requirements and transfer you to an appropriate specialist, eg legal, consumer, or financial information.
  • Personal – marital, relationship and family concerns, emotional issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, behavioural difficulties, bereavement, sexual orientation and gender identity. The counsellor will conduct an in-depth assessment and if appropriate telephone counselling will commence immediately, otherwise the counsellor will agree a convenient time to begin counselling sessions. 
  • Work-related – the counsellors offer 24-hour confidential support for work-related concerns such as stress, bullying, anger management and career direction.
  • Employee management – support to managers from counsellors, experienced HR specialists, or occupational psychologists.
  • Health – advice on health issues such as symptoms and treatments, medication and surgery, inoculations, travel vaccinations and lifestyle programmes (e.g quitting smoking).
  • Child and dependent care – such as advice on caring for children, elderly relatives and disabled dependents, and searches for finding care homes, nurseries etc.